What Is an Information Security Management System?

Information security management systems (ISMS) help safeguard the data of your organisation by providing both technical safeguards and policies that set guidelines for employees handling sensitive data. This includes implementing best practices for cybersecurity, running infosec training sessions and promoting a sense of responsibility for data security.

An ISMS also offers a framework which can be adapted to meet your specific company’s requirements and regulations as well as being certified and audited for conformity. ISO 27001 is the best-known standard for ISMS, but there are other standards that may be more suitable for your particular industry and business such as the NIST framework for federal agencies.

Who is responsible for Information Security?

ISMS is not just an IT initiative. It encompasses click for more info about how to activate kaspersky total security a broad spectrum of departments, staff and offices, which includes the C-suite, human resources, as well as marketing and sales as well as customer service. This ensures that everyone is familiar with regards to information security and the protocols that are required are adhered to.

The creation of an ISMS requires an extensive risk assessment which is best completed using an instrument for managing risk like vsRisk. This tool allows you to quickly complete your assessments, and then lay out the results for easy analysis and prioritization and to ensure they remain consistent every year. An ISMS will also help you reduce costs by allowing you to prioritize the assets with the highest risk that prevents indiscriminate spending on defense technologies and cuts down on downtime triggered by cybersecurity incidents. This translates into lower OPEX and CAPEX.


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