Board Meeting Rules – 7 of the Most Important Rules for a Successful Board Meeting

There are many rules to follow in the world of board meeting. It’s a good idea, as it ensures that discussions are productive and fair. However, the sheer number of rules can become overwhelming, especially for a first-time chair or even seasoned one. In this article, we take a look at seven of the most important rules for meeting on the board that are crucial to achieving constructive dialogue and results.

Rule 1: The order of precedence must be observed.

The board chairperson must ensure that discussions remain focused on the topics on their agenda. Each member is accountable to respect and listen to the opinions of others. In order to speak members must stand or raise their hand to notify the chairperson that they are willing to speak. The chairperson then allows the member to speak their opinions. The chairperson should also adhere to Robert’s Rules of Order when deciding what types of motions are more important and how to recognize them (e.g., by raising your hand or asking permission).

Rule 2: One point at a time is discussed.

The distraction of new topics will eat up the time of board meetings and cause distraction from the most important issues. To avoid this board leaders can include an “parking lot” at the end of the agenda where they can present topics that are worthy but not top-priority. The board leader can then make a promise to revisit the parking lot and determine whether these topics should be added to the agenda next time, moved to a later meeting, or assigned as an item.


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