Collecting Data

The process of gathering precise observations or measurements to discover answers to research queries and analyze patterns, probabilities and outcomes is referred to as collecting data. Data can be collected by various methods, including surveys, questionnaires, interviews, observation and much more. Data is usually organized and stored on spreadsheets or other formats that can be later analyzed.

To collect the most valuable information for your business or company you’ll need an organized method that guarantees that all information is collected consistently and accurately. Forms are the best way to standardize and systematize how data is input by researchers or participants. A mobile form application like Magpi lets you create surveys and questionnaires that are easy to use, flexible, and simple. Respondents can add free text, radio buttons or checkboxes. photos, barcodes, or signatures.

It’s now time to start implementing your primary data collection methods. It will depend on the type(s) of data you are collecting, however, it could involve executing an interview, survey or observation and/or recording or watching the results. You’ll need to plan the analysis of your data after it has been collected. This is crucial since it will ensure that the data you’ve collected will directly provide the answer to your research question(s).


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