The Importance of a Tech Audit

If you’re an auditing professional you’re likely to be asked at some point, you’ll be required to conduct an audit of technology. It may seem like another task to add to your to-do list however, it’s essential to make sure that the technology of your clients is in good working order and is aligned with their goals for business.

Tech audits can come in a variety of formats. They can be a comprehensive look at all the technologies used by a business, or they can focus on specific areas. In general, a tech audit involves documenting each of the technologies that are in use and evaluating their effectiveness, requirements, and cost-effectiveness. This can be a challenging task, especially for large businesses that use dozens of applications.

A tech audit can also be a good way to determine whether a company is in compliance with the guidelines and regulations in the industry, or if there are ways to save money. In addition, it can aid in ensuring that employees are taught the correct and safe usage of the company’s technology.

While the poor cyber hygiene of the American public is a concern for all however, it’s a much more serious problem for companies. They have to ensure that their systems are updated to avoid data breaches, cut costs and deliver the best possible customer experience. A regular tech audit is a must to stay at the top of your game and avoiding costly mistakes. It could be the difference between a company that is on top of its game and one struggling to remain in business.


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