Board Management Software for Nonprofits

Board Management Software enables nonprofit stakeholders to run more efficiently and more effectively. This is especially true for board of directors with streamlined meetings. more efficient governance, and better decision-making are the most significant benefits.

A robust portal for boards gives easy access to important information, without the need of email (which could be unsecure) or documents made of paper that can be easily lost. Documents can be accessed on tablets, desktops and mobile devices. Meetings are more efficient with integrated video conferencing, easy scheduling and automated notifications. And minutes can be taken and approved immediately using the many features available. This results in savings in time and money for administrators and board members.

Nonprofit stakeholders can expand their use of the board management software beyond the board committees and working groups also benefiting from greater efficiencies. It’s possible with the assistance of an expert solution provider who can assist with group management creating a how-to guide and other support material.

The purchase of the right tool to meet your organization’s needs requires careful examination. It is crucial to review your board cycle and identify any issues. Review all options and select one that can evolve to meet your needs, providing more features as your requirements change. Avoid a ‘one size fits all approach to software, which could cost you in the long run. Be cautious of free software for managing boards, as it may not offer the security required to withstand phishing or hacking attacks.

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