Selecting a Data Governance Tool

A data governance tool can assist organizations establish transparent, reliable, and uniform standards across their data handling processes. These tools assist organizations in implementing governance policies and best practice and provide an automated workflow for assessing data quality, and correction, make it easier to migrate and allow them to track data lineage.

When choosing a data management tool, you must take into consideration how user-friendly the tool is and how it integrates into existing systems without affecting workflows or requiring extensive IT support. It’s also important to look for tools that let organizations automate access security and privacy rules and maintain a centralized audit trail that meets the requirements of compliance with regulations.

In addition to providing a unified interface to all the company’s governance and data management processes The ideal tool should be able to easily scale in line with the company’s growth and changes in the use of data. Flexible licensing models, a low total cost of ownership, and robust integrations with other systems are also important factors to consider when choosing the right solution.

The SAP Master Data Governance tool is a favored option. It is part of the SAP Business Technology Platform. Previously known as Erwin Data Intelligence by Quest Software This tool combines separate data catalog as well as data literacy and governance products into one suite. It includes built-in data management policies as well as a stewardship tool, and role-based views to make data more accessible. It includes automated features for harvesting and cataloging metadata, as well as data profiling and mapping data lineage.


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